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Bollywood dance Köln Bonn Smitha Jolafin Pose
Bollywood dance Köln Bonn Smitha Jolafin Pose

Jolafin and Smitha met each other in the year of 1994, were partnering dancers of a Bharatanatyam dance school in Cologne. After their final performance in the year 2000, they continued their love and passion for dancing. They founded together the dance duet and later on Mohayathi dance company. The word mohayathi is derived from sanskrit which means, to fascinate someone with something.

They are known for synchronized execution of any dance choreography, as well as for the similarity in their styles. Often the audience use to say, it appears as if they are mirroring each other. The duets choreographies are a dynamic mix of indian classical styles often paired with modern contemporary and Jazz dance. All choreographies were done by their own, which included some signature movements of the original song. Jolafin took additional training in modern contemporary and jazz dance, which additionally gave their choreographies special uniqueness.  

Bollywood dance Köln Bonn Smitha Jolafin Pose

During the years they collaborated with other talented artists. Mohayathi Dance were part of many shows to name a few: Hermés, Lufthansa Reisebüros GmbH, HSBC Guyerzelle Bank, Kemppi GmbH, Tilda Ltd. Hagenbeck Zoo Hamburg.  As part time dancers, previously based in Cologne, they all are now living in different places, which makes regular training sessions challenging but still manage to perform and entertain audience with dynamic and energetic choreographies. 

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Where does the event take place? Is it a corporate or a private event? How many guests do you expect? How many dancers, dances and duration do you wish to plan with?

Technical prerequisite: 10x8 m stage (4 dancers), clean floor for bare foot dancing, green room mandatory, appropriate PA-System and Lighting.