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Kathak courses and workshops

learn Kathak in Basel, Kathak school, indian dance schoolTanzfest Basel 2018, Foto: Gaspard Weissheimer

Jolafin teaches Kathak to beginners with no experience and to intermediate students with minimum previous experience of 1-2 years of Kathak. 

She also organizes intensive Kathak workshops and master classes for advanced students with experts like her Guru Surangama from Kolkata in regular basis.


Kathak courses

Kathak for intermediate (regular course, sundays)


Take your Kathak journey forward
Have you learned previously Kathak, and you may need to restart again, and you are already familiar with some basic Tatkar, Hastaks and Bols?

Join our regular class, 3x per month.
We will build a strong base in the takar and hastaks, work on precision, lines and fluidity, and take it from there to more complex movement vocabulary.


September: 2., 9., 23., 30.
October: 14., 21.
November: 4., 11., 25.
December: 2., 9., 16.
Time: 10.30 am to 12.00 pm
Fee: CHF 30
Location: Tanzprojekte Basel, Reinacherstrasse 267, 4053 Basel

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Kathak dance in Basel, learn Kathak in Basel, indian dance schoolTanzfest Basel 2018, Foto: Gaspard Weissheimer

Typical Kathak session with Jolafin

Kathak dance in Basel, learn Kathak in BaselTanzfest Basel 2018, Foto: Gaspard Weissheimer

Jolafin follows mainly the curriculm of Prayag Sangit Samiti, but is preparing intensively to adapt the internationally recognized ISTD syllabus for Kathak.

Her lessons are thoroughly planned, which incorporates

  • the strengthening of stamina with basic footworks, 
  • learning the correct body posture and alignment, always with focus of holding line and geometry of body,
  • learning various rhythmic pattern und create sound with feet, develop clarity of sound
  • arm and hand movement and hand gestures (Hastaks and mudras)
  • short technical choreographies following the rhythmic cycle (Taal) and recitation (Parhant) of the syllables (bol)
  • theory and history session of Kathak dance.  


Got curious? Have look in a intermediate sessions.